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New York City Queens

I was handed a CD from Ky Meyer over at Newsfix's "Tuned In". She should know a thing or two about good music right? Its the New York City Queens. I Popped it in and thought, "Damn! They are from Houston? My Houston?" This band is awesome and leading the way for all of us to get better music to Spacedcity. They seems to have it all going for them, I had a little trouble picking what video to show all you eager readers out there. So I decided to post three. I hope every single one of you to go out and buy this CD, or at least are inspired to step your game up.

Somewhere Different, Something New
One Trick Pony

Roman Candles Live Session


Back Again... and so is Mogwai!!

What's up all my Spaced Cadets out there?  
WaltIV has resigned commission and advanced me to acting captain. 
Star Trek References. 
You can check out WaltIV new site at Hops 'n Drops, check it out and good luck to him. Thank God for Facebook or I'd still be in limbo. I have big plans for this name and could never let all you Spaced Cadets go.
Anyways my friends its time to take a wild journey, and while are on this journey we are going to listen to Mogwai's new Remix album, A Wretched Virile Lore. We can thank Sub Pop for putting out the Hardcore will never die, but you will record. You can get a limited edition colored vinyl version November 23rd and the CD version on December 4th. 
But guess what? I have the track "George Square Thatcher Death Party" right down there. Pitchfork has a list of all the remixed songs.


SpacedCity and Friends at Free Press Summerfest 2012

Sorry I'm late, but better late than never. We got our suites downtown, so no one would have to be the designated driver. Free Press never fails to impress, started off with Best Coast, then Z-RO, Diplo, Two Door Cinema Club, Over to Major Lazer, back for the end of Erykah Badu & the Cannibiniods, Over to Snoop Dogg, then ended the day with The Flaming Lips. Ya, I had a good weekend, and that was only saturday. We had some libations to the rock gods, and met some beautiful people. ;) yes that is a winky face. Sunday begun with Fat Tony, moved over to Young The Giant, and smoked during Willie Nelson, like a check off a bucket list, we moved for Danny Brown. We watched The Avett Brothers, and ended the night jamming Pretty Lights. I can't really express to you how amazing this weekend is, and gets better every year. I made this little video with a bunch of pictures, and clips of the experience. Hopefully it will convince you to get your damn tickets for next year.


AC Gutta

We are bringing out AC Gutta to but an end to this global warming. AC Gutta is on New Era Records with JAYYSKYY and R.Lee. They are featured a few times in the mix tape. Global Cooling is a crazy ride, through old school gangsta rap to new school nerd rap, everything you need in a 18 track mix tape. AC has invited us all to the cool table and I think we should join him. Click the global cooling link, up their ^^ hint hint. Fast Car is on the mix tape, I thought I'd give you a preview of what AC Gutta and JAYYSKYY can do, check R.Lee on the mix tape.


live in spaced city: woods at rudyards 29 april 2012

Young Reevesy took the Metro downtown on Sunday to go shopping for furniture. He returned with an amazing pair of 80's neon shorts and a bit of news: Woods are having a show at Rudyard's. This made sense as they will be at Austin Pscyh Fest the night before, and I have the official information for all you readers out there. Woods are not a band to skip out on and I must say I have not been more pumped for a show since maybe Beach House and Washed Out. Check out what you can expect to hear below and be sure to say hello to us next Sunday at Rudyard's on Waugh near West Gray.

Who: Woods, MMOSS, The Wiggins
When: 29 April 2012
Where: Rudyard's Pub (2010 Waugh Dr., Houston, TX 77006 map)
What to expect:

get it: weird ribs + sand circles

Here's your regular dose of psychedelia brought to you by us generous souls here at Spaced City. This time we have the latest from Weird Ribs, the kosmische synth project of Joseph Cox from Hull City, England. Cox blends all sorts of experimental electronic sounds together on his newest release "Frontiers", an almost 80 minute album that never once grows repetitive or tiresome. Secondly, we have the latest and greatest from the wonderful music world of Sweden. Sand Circles' recent full-length release "Motor City" has already been featured on Gorilla Vs. Bear and Stolen Lynx, and should easily become your new go-to record for those late night drives home. As if that wasn't enough, Martin Herterich has just released a shorter length tape called "Daylight Arrival" on SF Broadcasts that is sure to satisfy as well. You can grab both for free thanks to the artists so be sure to say thanks.

Weird Ribs "Frontiers" (2012 - Mola Mola)
For fans of: Emeralds, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Cluster

Sand Circles "Daylight Arrival" (2012 - SF Broadcasts)
For fans of: Seven Fields of Aphelion, old Oneohtrix Point Never, Gatekeeper

jesus don't know what you need.

Death Grips "The Money Store" (2012 - Epic)
Best tracks: "The Fever (Aye Aye)", "I've Seen Footage", "Punk Weight", "The Hacker"

Spiritualized "Sweet Heart Sweet Light" (2012 - Fat Possum)
Best tracks: "Get What You Deserve", "Freedom", "So Long You Pretty Thing"

La Sera "Sees the Light" (2012 - Hardly Art)
Best tracks: "Break My Heart", "I'm Alone", "Real Boy"

visuals: slow magic "youths"


visuals: jj - "vi"

Could this be a teaser for the new album? I sure hope so because it sounds fantastic. Watch the whole thing and don't get scared.